Canapes Catering

What is Canape

Canapes are prepared in small finger size food, that often eaten in one bite. It originates from France and the name “canape” is derived from French word for “couch”, drawing on analogy that the garnish sits atop the bread as people do a couch.


pasta brain mini sausage


Normally, canapé is served during cocktail hours, thus a canapé is either salty or spicy in order to encourage guests to drink more. Canape can also be referred as finger food, however not all finger food is canapé.

A canapé consists of a base (bread or pancake), a spread, a main item and a garnish. Traditional spread can be either a compound butter or a flavoured cream chesse. Common garnishes can range from finely chopped vegetables, scallions, and herbs.


Why Canapes 

Think of a birthday party, a wedding or even an office party, imagine the foods served on the table. Small, colourful varieties of canapes placed next to each other, will tempt you to taste one by one.


  • Everybody finds it easy picking up a few canapes in a dish.
  • Enjoy each of them separately while moving around and talking to friends.
  • “Mini miracle” tasting and finished in a single bite.
  • Suitable in any events :- breakfast, launches, private parties, any time of the day or evening.
  • Beautifully decorated and kids will love it, the girls will be snapping pictures, and it gives good first impression to the event.
  • Match the look and colour of the canapes based on the theme.